"Your love for one another will prove to the world
that you are my disciples.”
  John 13:35 (NLT)

Thank You
for Loving Others
in Our Community

Saturday, November 22
1,591 served in 85 projects!  

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November 22, 2014 - Dianne shared:

What? Me get up at 6:00 and get two 10 year old girls up too?? My feelings exactly but, I obeyed God and did it even though I failed on the go to bed early part. But, what a day! Nothing could have been more touching than when some of the residents of The Haven nursing home gathered around to watch us decorate the tree. I asked one lady if she would like to roll up to the tree and hang an ornament and she said, "No. I just like watching you do it." I also loved watching my granddaughter and her BFF going from section to section putting their personal touches in each. This morning was something I'm sure they will remember forever. Thank you, Brookwood, for the opportunity to serve!